Sunday, 30 September 2012

UFO Sunday link up

Hi !!
Well today I finished my little wholecloth, completed the binding and put little hanging pockets in the back. I'm really chuffed with it and while I was admiring it in my kitchen I thought ooh that space above it would look great with a wholecloth hung there. Sooooo yep that's gonna be a new project for the new year! I bought Karen mctavish's elemental quilting book and am going to use some of her designs to do it!
I've also been working on my WIP quilt and am still using it to do the practice for the free motion quilting project. I also decided to try some mctavishing I think I've done an ok job but had to travel stitch quite a lot. Looks ok though.
I have a question if anyone can help! My mum is currently working on a little table centre piece quilt and she sent me a pic of it. It's the sort of hexagonal pic at the bottom. The question is we like it with the point bits of the square sticking out to make it look hexagonal BUT how would you bind this??? We've both only ever done normal binding with 4 corners so we are a bit dubious of how to do it! Any ideas would be great!!!

Snake paisley

Hi this week on the free motion project we did snake paisley. I do like this but I found it harder than the previous designs. My other half thought it looked like leaves and I agree it does look autumnal but that could be the brown colours. I do see improvements in my skills now and find it easier than I used to so that's good. Here are some pics.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hi again!
When following the free motion project I never tried the hearts and feathers wholecloth as I just wasn't good enough to do it. I couldn't travel stitch to save my life!!! Well thanks to Leah's fantastic tutoring I've now done it!! What do you think?
This wasn't a UFO but a WTD (want to do) so I hope you don't mind if I link this up but I'm actually quite chuffed with it!! I've gone off my line a couple of times but I'm not gonna be critical because on the whole I think I've done a good job!
Quite a productive Sunday I think but now time for some tv I think

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lots of quilting!!

Hi !! I know I've not posted for a while but I've had no motivation to do any quilting this last few weeks:( I've sat at my machine a few times but have had no desire to do it! Very weird!! So rather than make a mess of my work I've had a break and then yesterday and today I'm back with a vengeance!!!
I decided to quilt the entire middle of my quilt with loopy line and hearts and the border is going to be segmented with my quilt along practice!!
So I've done bare branches, paisley, cucumber vine, lava paisley and tree roots!!!
I now know how much I've improved since following the quilt along as I had previously tried paisley and, well, to be blunt it looked nothing like but today it looked ok!! More practice needed but I'm well on my way!!!
I've not been linking up much as I don't have any UFO's but this quilt which is my WIP. So I took advice and am using the quilt to practice on as well. I like this idea as my quilts will then show the story of my learning and improvements!!
Here are a few pics and would love your feedback!!