Saturday, 14 July 2012

Update on wonky quilt

Hi there I've not had too much time on my hands this week but this morning I finished quilting my wonky quilt!!! I am so pleased with it and I'm planning to put it on my bedroom wall I love it that much. What do you think?

The only thing I did struggle with was keeping my scale the same. My stippling is very small in parts and moves to a bigger size and then my sharp stippling is quite big. I suppose practice will make this easier but if Leah day does read this my question is have you any tips for keeping the scale the same?
Here are some more shots of my quilting and any comments would be great!!!
I was pleased with myself for trying this project and it has certainly pushed me to try new things and just shut up and quilt!!! Ha ha
I also used the supreme slider on this one and it has really reduced my arm aching!!!!
Anyway must crack on with binding this quilt and then I'll lovingly adorn my wall with it .
Toodles x

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