Sunday, 1 July 2012

Update on wonky quilt

I've been working hard on piecing my wonky quilt, marking it, basting it and quilting my zentangle type pattern on it!!! It's been hard work but I've done it, completed the echo quilting and am just starting some stippling now here's a pic of it

The white bits on the pins are my own version of the pinmoors Leah day uses. The only pinmoors I can find in the uk are so so expensive so I asked my husband to make me some!! A tube of silicone later and he made some long round tubes of silicone which he then cut up into little bits for me. I'll show you a close up of one

As you can see they are not all the same size but they do the job really well and cost about £1.50 for the tube of sillicone. That's my tip of the week ha ha !!

I've loved doing this wonky quilt so far as its taken me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to do things I probably wouldn't have attempted on my own! That's why I love following the freer motion project by Leah day. I feel that I have a teacher on hand who will help me if I get stuck! If you've not seen it def have a look.
Got to get on now and quilt or else I'll fall behind ha ha ha x
Toodles x

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