Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wonky wonky

I absolutely love this wonky block quilt!!! I've found it so relaxing that u don't have to piece it perfectly!!! It's so refreshing! I love that it's totally wonky it's great!! Think I'll be making more of these!!
I bought myself a good sewline fabric pencil to draw my sort of zentangle. Pattern out with so I'll start that later and start FMQ tomorrow!
I've been listening to audiobooks whilst doing all this and I love the sookie stack house novels they are fab. I love true blood but the novels are very different. I listened to the woman in black as well which has just been made into a movie with Daniel Radcliffe. The book was really eerie and I could visualise all of it ! It really gave me the creeps!! Well I've downloaded the film off I tunes and am having a movie night to watch it! Hope it's as good as the book!!!
Here's where am up to with the quilt and I'll post again when I'm quilting it!!

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