Monday, 18 June 2012

a bit about me

well I've changed the name of this blog to the knitting quilter which is what I originally wanted it be called but because I have never done a blog before I didn't have a clue what I was doing!! well its sorted now i think. its called the knitting quilter because (if you haven't already guessed) I enjoy knitting and quilting.
here are a few things about my knitting:
- I love rowan yarn
- I love british wool
obviously if the pennies are tight I will use a mixed yarn but I love knitting with wool I find the sound of manmade yarn squeaky but hey ho its personal preference. they are loads of beautiful manmade yarns that I really wouldn't say no to.
I'm currently doing a swatch for a pattern I'm designing for a bolster cushion, I tried to find a pattern on line but couldn't find anything so thought I'd design one myself. we'll see how that goes eh!!!! I'll keep the blog updated with my progress with that.

with my quilting I have just opened an etsy shop with the same name as this blog and would love you to have a look, there is only one thing on it at the moment, a little pram/ cot quilt but I thought I'd see if there is any interest in my things as there are only so many quilts I can have in one house!!!

My mum came round the other night and as she taught me how to knit I'm teaching her house to quilt. she decided to use some fabric my grandma had left so it didn't really matter if she made a mess of it. the patchworking went ok obviously when we first start to cut we are not very good at it and this is a learning curve in itself. my first cutting attempts were horrendous but you soon get to grips with how much pressure you need to put on the ruler and how to hold the rotary cutter. I cut into my finger on the first attempts!!!
well anyway my mum had finished the quilt top so we were doing the basting ready for some free motion quilting stipling. I do think that after you have had a little go at the free motion the best thing to do is to make a small quilt  and just quilt it!! the little quilt sandwiches are ok to try and get a feel for making the stipling curves or whatever you are doing and for the speed of your hands and feet. But when you put a quilt on that machine it is nothing like!!!! make a small quilt just for you or your cat or dog (they won't criticise it ha ha ) and just quilt away. the first part probably won't be pretty but honestly as you go along you will see yourself improving. if i can i'll put some pics of my mums to show you how quick you improve on that small quilt. do not be scared of it either.
just a note as well if your needle keeps snapping with FMQ to begin with check to make sure you have put your bobbin in right as I thought I had but I had it spinning anti clockwise instead of clockwise!!! doh!!! about 8 needles later and I figured it out!!!
in future posts I'll show you pics of my home made pressing board and quilting table for my machine and give you tips to make your own as there was no way I was gonna pay over £100 for a table.
Hope you've enjoyed reading this today and I promise to blog as much as I can and at least once a week.
ta ra for now

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