Thursday, 28 June 2012

new quilt

I'm currently working on the wonky quilt that Leah day is blogging about. Its a lot of fun doing the wonky squares as it throws all the perfectonism stuff out of the window. I am really looking forward to quilting this as it is being based a little on zentangles. I had never heard of zentangles so spent time last night googling it. for me it seems like drawing in a free motion style and i think lots of the patterns could easily be transferred into the free motion stuff. I also like the idea of drawing it first as i find it easier to draw first as the movements seem to stay in my mind better. well its my birthday coming up at the end of july so i may just ask for a zentangle book!!! I'm also getting there i think on the knitting pattern, it took a few adjustments to get the size of pattern i wanted so i think i have it right now. ive never been able to knit with a chart so have had to basically learn how to read a chart too to be able to write the pattern!! do i actually know what i am doing? i don't know!! but a friend of mine has agreed to be my test knitter so hopefully she will understand my pattern!!! im also still trying to finish a capelet i started knitting before christmas from the rowan winter warmers book made from Lima. im not over keen on knitting on circular kneedlles and its all on circular so have been putting it off and off and off. well i want to wear it this winter so better get cracking. i'll put a few pics on this weekend of where i am up to with everything.

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