Sunday, 12 August 2012

Team GB!!

Wow!!! How good have team GB done at the Olympics!!!! So so proud to be British it's untrue! Wonder what the closing ceremony will bring?? I missed a couple of days due to going on a camping holiday to north Wales. Absolutely hated camping and can honestly say I will never camp again!!! However colwyn bay is beautiful and Conwy is lovely too. Nice to be at the coast in the sunshine felt like I was abroad:)
Well again due to the Olympics I've not done much quilting! I've just managed to baste my current project while watching the men's relay ha ha
I've decided to try most designs on this quilt to try to get practice on a real quilt, started with loopy line and will incorporate others into it. This will mean I get a fully functional double bed quilt and loads of practice too!!!
I did manage to do the cucumber vine and I do really love this pattern but again my travel stitching let's me down!! Need more practice!!!!!!!
While watching the Olympics I have been knitting and wanted to share my felted bag with you. This is the first felting I have ever done and I was petrified it would come out of the washer tiny ha ha I'm very pleased with it.
I'm not gonna do any quilt painting so have got a week off from the free motion quilting project with Leah day. She is a lovely artist but painting is not something I'm really interested in but her work is fab.
Well must catch up with the housework i've neglected due to Olympic fever!!!!
Toodles x

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