Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lots to tell!!!

Hi again,
well I've had a busy week. Me and my DH took a mini break and went to Oxford and Cambridge as I am ashamed to say I've never been to them. Well I've set that right now and we had a really good time. The weather was fantastic!! Given that we live in the north west near the Pennines we get a loooottttt of rain so it was like being abroad- wall to wall sunshine- made even better because my mum text me to say it was chucking it down at home  ha ha ha.
I did like Oxford but it is so busy and very touristy. We went to the Bodelian library (where a couple of scenes from Harry Potter are filmed) and saw lots of the lovely colleges and I really did feel like I was in an episode of morse (but obviously with a very northern accent!!!) Here is a pic of Oxford above this is the old Bodelian library.

Cambridge was my favourite, a lot quieter and relaxed and was more what I had expected. Again the architecture is amazing. We didn't go on a punt down the river but maybe next time. Here is a pic of Cambridge.

That's me walking ahead with my back to the camera as I hate having my picture taken ha ha. It is absolutely stunning and I would recommend it to everyone.

Obviously as ever knitter or quilter knows when on holiday Google the area and see if there are any wool or fabric shops well that's just what I did and found a lovely little fabric shop in Cambridge so while my DH stood around looking very bored I perused the shop and found this beautiful fabric and bought a lovely fat quarter of a red Christmas fabric for my mum :) she's making a Christmas quilt so it will go perfectly.

Before I went away I also ordered some more Isacord and as Leah Day had suggested that green and grey are good colours for many  projects. I bought some and I think they would go lovely with the fabric above so once again trust Leah for fab advice.

I also did my homework from the free motion quilt along before we went and I love the look of the pointy paisley but found myself having to travel stitch quite a lot but its worth really learning this one as it looks great.
Note to self though! After binding a quilt on the machine with a lovely decorative stitch remember to change the pattern back to straight!! I tried the pointy paisley and thought 'that's not straight at all what's going on??' I don't think I'll forget to put it back again :) I have only a few more sections of my quilt to finish now so am going to get cracking with the new design for this week and maybe throw in some more mctavishing and hopefully I'll finish the quilt by the end of the weekend if I'm lucky!!!

Hope I havn't bored you too much today but I wanted to share my lovely little break with you.


  1. Lovely quilting. And I so enjoyed the photos of the universities. Thanks for sharing.